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Customer Welcome Center
Your NEW Insurance Policy

At a minimum, every new customer receives the following documents:

Declarations Page: Lists Named Insured, Policy #, Effective Date, Insured Property/Autos, Coverages, Limits, Deductibles, Premium, etc.
Policy Jacket: This is the actual policy with Insuring Agreement, Definitions, Conditions, Exclusions, etc.
Identification Cards: Vehicle policies come with ID cards that list Named Insured, Drivers, Vehicles, Effective Date, etc.

Please look over the whole package, but in particular, verify everything is correct on these documents. If you have any questions, identify errors, or are missing expected documents, call the agency as soon as possible.

Your RENEWAL Insurance Policy

Renewal offers generally come out 45-60 days before renewal. Offers are either mailed or available on-line for customers that have elected to go paperless. Please look over the entire package to read important messages about your policy, offers for adjustments or discounts, changes in terms, etc. If anything has changed in your household, changes to your policies may be appropriate. Call us for a free Annual Insurance Review.

Your Premium & Payment Options

You can pay your premium in full or on an installment plan with payment fees. If you did not pay your premium in full when you purchased the policy, you will receive a billing notice separate from your policy package within several days.

Payments can be accepted in the form of cash, check, money order, credit card, debit card, check by phone, or bank draft. Some policies may offer a discount if the premium is paid in full at the beginning of the policy period.

Canceling Your Prior Policy

We understand it can be stressful to change agencies or insurance carriers. At your request, we will contact your prior insurance carrier and ask them to terminate your old policy and send you a refund of unearned premium.

We can contact your prior carrier via a 3-way phone call including you although most customers prefer we send a letter, fax, or e-mail on their behalf. If you prefer we send the notice to cancel on your behalf, we have a notice form that you can sign.

Earning & Preserving Discounts

Some customers receive discounts that require providing a verification document or completing certain steps. If these steps are not taken, the discounts may be lost.

Be sure you read your renewal offer for information about new discounts or documents you may need to submit to preserve existing discounts. Ask us for an Annual Insurance Review to make sure you are getting all the discounts you are eligible to receive.

Legal Documents

Some customers select or reject certain coverages or exclude persons from coverage and that requires signing certain legal documents. Documents may be signed on paper or electronically signed in some circumstances.

After-Hours/Weekend Appointments

We understand that it may not always be easy to come to the agency or call during regular business hours. For your convenience, we will do our best to set up appointments to meet or call you after-hours or on weekends. Let us know!

Spanish Speaking Customers

We have a Spanish-speaking staff person available to assist you during regular business hours.

Referral Rewards

If your felt we did a great job with helping you gain peace of mind with your protection needs, we would certainly appreciate it if you would share your satisfaction with friends or family. If someone you refer gets a quote, we'll send you a $10 gift card to show our appreciation!

You can use the Referral tab on the website to send us an email and we will contact your referral. You referral can also choose to contact us but please tell them to let us know you sent them our way so we can send you a gift card.

Claim Assistance

If you have think you might have a loss, we encourage you to make the agency your first point of contact during regular business hours. We can discuss what happened, your policy and deductibles, and your filing options.

In many situations, we can we can report your loss on-line as we talk to you. Licensed adjusters will review your policy, the loss facts, and make coverage determinations and payments. As your claim progresses, let us know if you have any concerns and we will contact your adjuster.

Emergency Assistance

If you call the agency after hours, our phone system will allow you to leave a message or be transferred to someone who can assist you immediately. If you prefer to speak to an agency owner, you can call Michelle or Tom Grothouse on their cell phones. Michelle's number is 817-723-4811 and Tom's number is 972-896-4179.

Customer Appreciation Car Shows/Events

We invite our customers to enjoy one or more charity collector car shows each year. The shows are FREE to spectators and benefit a worthy charity for children, families in crisis, brave protectors, or cancer research. All shows are family-oriented and offer a great opportunity for all generations to enjoy and preserve an important part of history. If you own a collector car, you will have the opportunity to enter one or more shows for FREE.

Peace of Mind Consultations

If you appreciate how we explained insurance protection to you, we can come to your place of employment or perhaps a club meeting and do the same thing for others. We can go over basic insurance issues or do personal protection reviews for persons who bring their insurance documents. Persons that want to be quoted can meet us privately at a later date.

Life Planning Assistance

Have you thought beyond auto and property insurance protection? Do you feel comfortable you are fully protected on your other assets such as boats and motorcycles? Will your loved ones will have what they need for the future if something unexpected happens to you? What about paying for college and retirement? If you are not sure you've got solid plans in place, we can talk to you about some options for you to consider.

Special Needs Families

We understand from personal experience the challenges that come with caring for someone with special needs. We would be more than happy to share our knowledge and network of contacts to help you or persons you know.

Children in the Agency

Tom & Michelle have six children and understand the challenges with finding caregivers and quiet time to make insurance decisions. You are welcome to bring your children to the agency. We have a play area in view of the staff offices with videos, coloring books, and toys, plus we usually have some kid-friendly snacks. Sometimes a staffer will join in playtime.

Hands in the Community

Like most families, we've faced many challenges but we have also had many blessings. As small business owners, we believe in giving back to the community by supporting family-focused charities like the Arlington Life Shelter, Miracle League Baseball, Texas Rangers Foundation, and more. We volunteer, sponsor, and raise funds through donations and raffles at our Customer Appreciation Collector Car Show.

Free Stuff!

If you are interested in obtaining any of these free items, send us an email using the Contact Us tab on this website. If requesting an Insurance Brochure, specify English or Spanish. We offer the following items:

Insurance Brochure: plain language summaries of coverage for auto, homeowners, renters, motorcycles, boats, and condos. Available in English or Spanish.

ID Card Holders: convenient sleeves that protect the ID card the state requires be carried in motor vehicles.

Ballpoint Pen: a blue pen with cap with agency contact information

Business Cards: each staff person has their own business card with contact information

Gift Card Drawing

We appreciate you very much for trusting us with your protection needs and reviewing our website. To enter this month's drawing, please go to the Referral tab on this website, enter your information, select Referred By, and type "Drawing Entry" in the text box. If you are the winner, we'll get in touch with you about receiving a $10 gift card.