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Choosing Us Is Easy!

We understand the decision to change agencies or insurance carriers can be a difficult one. Many things can prompt shopping such as moving or refinancing, a new purchase, clever advertising, interest in product differences, a significant rate change, confusing billing, service work not done promptly or correctly, agent indifference, or a claim experience that did not go well.

Sometimes customers shopping for a better value ask us to simply provide a quick quote on an "apples to apples" basis. This approach can be taken to get a ballpark quote but it does not always expose gaps in coverage or unnecessary coverages you've been sold. Another flaw with the "apples to apples" approach is that it assumes every carrier is offering the same basic products and services.

To get a policy aligned to your protection needs, we recommend spending some time doing a Annual Insurance Review (AIR). AIRs help to identify your asset protection needs, coverage options, and all the discounts you may qualify for. It also gives us the chance to go over innovative and unique product features and gives you a feel for the personal interest and service that our agency can provide to you.

The hardest parts of changing may be uncertainty around how to terminate your prior policy and feeling that you are obligated to wait until your policy expires. The truth is you can terminate your prior policy at any time and you are entitled to a refund of unearned premium. You also do not have to wait until a renewal date to make a change.

If you delay changing to a lower rate we are able to offer, you may reduce the amount of money you can save. If you delay changing to a protection package we can offer that is more aligned to your needs, you run the risk of having a claim with your current carrier and not being adequately protected. There's also the chance that in the future you might not qualify for the rate or policy we offered due to changes in your household or additional claims.

If you choose Classic Family Agency to offer you protection, we can contact your prior carrier's customer service department on a 3-way call and advise them to cancel your policy. Our experience, however, is most of our new customers prefer we send their prior carrier a signed form letter that thanks them for their services, informs them you've changed carriers, and requests a full refund of unearned premium. We do our best to make the change easy for you!