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Our agency is focused on delivering high quality service and competitively priced products tailored to meet your specific needs. If you think we've done a great job helping you with your needs, we would be most grateful if you would be so kind as to let your friends and family know about us.

If someone you refer obtains a quote from us, we will show our appreciation by sending you and your referred person $10 gift card. After we provide a quote to your referred person, we will mail out the $10 gift cards.

It's easy to refer someone and get your $10 gift card. Here are three ways you can refer someone to Classic Family Agency for a quote:

  1. You may complete the referral form below with your information on the left side and on the right side tell us who to contact, how to reach them, and what you think they are interested in. Please let your referred person know we will contact them soon.

  2. You may suggest the person you are referring use the Get A Quote form on this website. Remind them to complete the Referred By question so we can know that you referred them to us.

  3. You may suggest your referral person stop by or give us a call. Make sure they remember to tell us that you referred them.

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