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Special Needs Family Consultations

Classic Family Agency, Inc. understands the unique circumstances of special needs families. We have a special needs son, Austin, who has cerebral palsy. He is an active young teenager and he has hopes and dreams and we want the best for him as we do for everyone in our family. Austin plays baseball on an Arlington Miracle League baseball team and is excited to be going to Lamar High School next year. While life for Austin is simple now and may always be, life for those who love and care for him and plan for his future is anything but simple.

As insurance professionals, we help people manage their everyday risk and college and retirement planning, but we understand and appreciate that the risks for a special needs family are much more complex. Many special needs families have modified autos or homes, special medical equipment or devices they own or rent, and they may rely on non-family caregivers. Depending on the capabilities of their special needs child, they may also face an increased risk of liability losses arising from the actions of their special needs child. Special needs families may qualify for public assistance but first they have to become aware of it and avoid losing their eligibility. And perhaps most important, it is critical that special needs families have plans in place for adult guardianship and assisted living and how to pay for it.

Special needs families can make an appointment with us for a FREE consultation. We'll review the family situation to gauge the scope of your consultation needs, review your current household insurance protection, and discuss your goals for the future and the plans currently in place to achieve those goals. We can get you in touch with a special needs expert who will also do a FREE consultation to discuss the importance of a carefully worded will, a special needs trust, and critical considerations related to how to provide for the long-term needs of loved ones.

If you would like a special needs family consultation, give us a call or go to the Contact Us tab on this website to send an email and we'll get in touch with you.